FESTUS: The Open Mic

10AM. December 11th, 2012. The first day of production for FESTUS, a new short film written and directed by Shawn Snyder. A full (fictional) Open Mic was held at Branded Saloon in Brooklyn, NY and captured in its entirety as a backdrop for the film's narrative. A motley crew of musicians was brought together. A comedian and a poet in the mix for good measure. A small handful knew each other. Most had never met. Everyone took to the stage. Even a few crew members were moved by the spirit to do so as well.

While the final film is only eleven minutes long, the sense of community spontaneously created and the wide array of talent and personalities paraded certainly deserved to be put forth in its entirety as a love song of sorts to Open Mics everywhere.

And so, consider the mic open. And enjoy.

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